I went to a new primary care physician last week. As always, I had to wait in the waiting room until the doctor was ready for me. I showed up on time with paperwork already filled out and still had to wait past my appointment time. I watched other people who got there after me and were late for their appointments get called before me. It didn’t seem fair.

So, I picked up a chair and threw it through the window of the office. I then tore down the TV and smashed it over the head of the guy next to me. I cursed out the nurses at the front desk, and demanded that the doctor see me immediately.

Not really. I read a magazine that told me that celebrities are just like us, because they also drink coffee, waited until they called me, and then went back and saw the doctor.

I didn’t trash the waiting room.

I waited patiently for the Lord. He turned to me and heard my cry.

-Psalm 40:1

It’s been a tough year. We’ve been in a difficult season of life and are getting anxious to be out of it. We pray constantly that God would bring us out of it and we hear almost nothing.

There can be a tendency to become frustrated, bitter, and sinful when we feel like we’ve waited too long. It begins to affect not only ourselves, but those around us. We watch other’s success and blessing and wonder when it’ll be our turn. We ignore the blessings already in front of us for the ones we don’t yet have.

During this season, we’ve watched the little baby boy, that we waited two years for, grow into a toddler. It’s been incredibly awesome. We also learned that we have another baby on the way. For two people that, at one time, feared they would never have kids, we’re set to be a family of four in a few short months. We’ve strengthened friendships, seen God do some amazing things. We’ve laughed, cried, grieved, and celebrated with our friends and family. And we’ve waited patiently. And we’ll continue to. It’s the waiting that’s building our character. The waiting that is building our trust in God. The waiting that’s testing us, trying us, and making us stronger.

Waiting is part of life. Be patient, and don’t trash the waiting room.

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