When you were growing up, did you ever offer your parents cash or chores for your Christmas or birthday gifts? Like, “Thank you so much for the Nintendo 64. Here’s some cash; that should cover it.”

I didn’t either. There’s a reason that your parents bought that stuff for you. The reason is that there was no way you’d ever be able to afford it on your own, and I get the sneaking feeling that most parents like to bring joy to their children. We were not required to earn those gifts, just to enjoy them and take care of them. It would be silly of us to try and pay for something that was given to us as a gift.

Why, then, do many of us try to pay for our salvation? We can’t earn it, it’s already been paid for. God knows that we’d never be able to pay the cost for our salvation, so he paid it for us.

With his blood.

Perhaps it’s an overwhelming, albeit misguided, need to DO something that drives this need to earn our salvation. God’s way seems too easy, surely he wants me to earn it a little bit. Perhaps we feel guilty. Guilty that we sin, guilty that we aren’t perfect, guilty that we aren’t good enough, guilty that we aren’t worthy of the cost. This guilt paralyzes us, it shames us, and it makes us believe a lie.

In Hebrews 9:14, it says that the blood of Jesus cleanses our consciences from sin so that we may serve God. Romans says that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. The Bible speaks of Jesus as the final and sufficient sacrifice for our sins. A conscience clearing, bondage breaking, freedom giving sacrifice that we are not to cheapen by trying to earn what it has already attained for us.

You can’t earn it, it’s already been paid for. Stop trying to earn it, and start enjoying it. It was for freedom that Christ set us free. Be free.

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